`Snow Problem FTC Invitational

This event is a a league-meet style event for the 2017-18 FTC Relic Recovery Season. This event takes place the week after FTC Kickoff to challenge teams and inspire each other for the rest of the season. This event will feature a variety of FTC teams and `Snow Problem with our Robot in 1 Weekend robot.


Why ___ Both to challenge ourselves and to get designs and ideas out there for the FTC community both in and outside Minnesota! We aren't expecting everyone to bring totally finished robots to the competition-- have some fun, try out some crazy ideas, and hopefully we (and the rest of the community) can all learn from each other!
___ _
Who FTC teams and `Snow Problem
East Ridge High School (4200 Pioneer Dr, Woodbury, MN 55129)


When Saturday, September 16th, from approximately 9:00 AM to whenever we're done
Cost Free!
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We will be playing by the 2017-18 Game Manual Part 1 and 2, with the following modifications:

  1. The sizing constraints will not be strictly enforced (just, y'know, be reasonable)
  2. If there are any other robot dimension-type constraints introduced (ie, weight), they will not be strictly enforced
  3. Any safe electrical system will be allowed (within reason, please don't use an FRC battery)
  4. Per the game manual part 1, you're fine to use any premade parts (whether a previous robot drive chassis or other robot components