Minnesota Splash

Minnesota Splash (called MN Splash or Splash for short) is a full day workshop event for FIRST students hosted by GOFIRST Robotics at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. GOFIRST Robotics invites many speakers from FRC teams, local companies and our own group members to speak about a variety of topics from the mechanical aspects of a robot to aspects of the competitions and successful team building. The event is meant to help students gain a basic understanding of parts of FRC that they do not yet understand. This event serves as both an introduction to vital skills for those new to the FIRST Robotics Competition and a good refresher for experienced members of FRC teams.

Abstracts for the sessions offered this year can be viewed here.

Presentations from this year's Splash can be found here.

WhenSaturday, December 3rd 9AM-3PM


Bruininks Hall, various rooms


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Session Abstracts


Tickets for MN Splash are to have the provided lunch and are $6 per person online and $9 per person at the door on December 3rd. If you do not plan to eat the lunch provided by GOFIRST, you do not need to purchase tickets.