General Meetings

We're updating our general meetings to a new format! Instead of a series of single topic presentations, we're going to have one big presentation event with multiple speakers! GOFIRST Robotics presents:

Tech Talks

GOFIRST Tech Talks is a night of us bringing together speakers from the engineering world together for your benefit! We'll provide Pizza Luce and speakers, you just need to bring yourself (and a friend! or more friends!).

Our 2017 Tech Talk event is October 11th in Bruininks 117


5:00 PM


GOFIRST Robotics
5:05 PMKathryn Kirkevold, ACOM NPI EngineerCaterpillar
5:30 PMChuck Hisamoto, Senior Research Scientist ASTER Labs
5:55 PMPizza LucéPizza
6:35 PMMark Schleusner, Lead Analyst/ ProgrammerMayo Clinic
7:00 PMRachel Fletcher, Associate Engineer - Design & Ryan Fletcher, EngineerCaterpillar
7:25 PMWrap-up

GOFIRST Robotics