Arduino Workshop


GOFIRST Robotics is proud to hold a workshop to teach students, faculty and staff at the University of Minnesota how to work with and use the Arduino open source microcontroller platform. You might be asking what is an Arduino? Well start here, be amazed and come back and register!

If you would like to learn more about Arduino ahead of time or get the software to program the Arduino, you can find this information on the Arduino website at All materials presented during the workshops will be posted here following the workshop.


Any University of Minnesota students, staff or faculty are welcome to attend. The workshops are held in CSE labs so any non CSE labs students are asked to bring a laptop to work on, as a limited number of laptops will be available.

All software will be provided so no need to prepare anything ahead of time and no prerequisite knowledge is needed.


ME 308


Sunday May 1st, 1-3 PM

Topics Covered
  • What is Arduino?
  • Ports and Connections
  • Welcome to Your Software Development Environment (IDE)
  • Quick C - Programming Overview for Arduino
  • Hands-on tutorials and exercises
RSVP Space is limited, RSVP below to ensure a spot at the workshop.


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Q: Does this workshop cost anything?
A: It costs you absolutely nothing! Optional costs will be incurred if you would like to order your own Arduino to keep. *The optional Advanced workshop - Part III will cost additional fees for the parts & boards, but you get to keep what you make!

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: Not a thing. All material will be provided in the workshop, Arduino and all. Non CSE labs students are asked to bring a laptop to work on and students with a CSE labs account may bring their own laptop to work on if desired. We will have copies of the Arduino software available to be installed on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Q: Are there any prerequisites to attend this workshop?
A: If there were, the point of the workshop would be moot. There is no required knowledge needed to participate. Just a willingness to learn. Some background in computer programming will help but is not required. You will be given what you need to know to complete the exercises and hands-on activities.

Q: I already have an Arduino, can I use it during this workshop?
A: Certainly. We were expecting people to want to bring their own so we have extra parts so everyone will have the same kit to work with.

Q: Do I need to register beforehand to attend?
A: Pre-registration is not required, but will guarantee you spot in the workshop. At the door registration is available but is on a first come, first serve basis. Currently we are capping the workshop to around 35 participants, but may expand to multiple days if the demand allows for it. The Advanced workshop will require pre-registration to attend. With that make sure to register early!

Q: What type of Arduino will be used during the workshops?
A: We will demo several different models, but the workshop will focus on the most popular Arduino, the Arduino Uno R3.

Q: How can I get my own Arduino?
A: You can order one online from one of Arduino's resellers or purchase it locally at your local Radio Shack or Microcenter. We are also looking into offering an opportunity to purchase an Arduino through us if you pre-register, then pick it up during the workshop.

If you have any other questions feel free to send us an email on our contact page.

CSE Student Organizations

If you are an officer in a registered University of Minnesota student organization associated with CSE, then you have the opportunity to lease the Arduino kits for use in your group's own learning or workshop experience. Simply contact us and we can fill you in on the details from there.

Workshop Materials

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