Build Team

This is the part where we make robots of our own. If you are interested in building robots, both autonomous and teleoperated, then this is the place for you. We do every step from the initial conception of a design on a notepad and in a CAD drawing to the custom manufacturing and form fitting of composite materials. A quick list of what we do is

  • Composite material form fitting and layups
  • In-house machining
  • CNC milling and 3D printing
  • Custom circuitry and PCBs
  • Sensors (from the simple push-button to the Microsoft Kinect)
  • Control systems and microprocessors
  • Computer programming galore (C/C++, C#, Java, LabVIEW, and more)
  • And much more!

We have a full workshop from computer workstations and bench top hand tools to a vacuum table and mini-mill/lathe. We are always adding more tools to expand our capabilities for students to complete one of our many ongoing projects or a project of their own. If you may be interested in anything mentioned above and would like to learn more, contact us on our Contact page.

For existing members looking for forms, templates, or other R&D related resources, most of our documents are controlled internally and are not available on the general website. If you need access to the internal server please contact the Director of R&D to learn how to gain access or stop by the shop. Below are some guides we use that are public domain.


GOFIRST Robotics competes in a variety of collegiate robotics competitions such as Robot in 3 Days, Autonomous Snowplow and VEX U. It is not mandatory to participate in these teams as a build member, however passionate build members are encouraged to join.


GOFIRST Robotics also creates an assortment of robots used to advance our own skills and to be used in demonstrations to inspire and educate. A detailed profile of our robots will be available soon.