Executive Board

Elise Lohmann - President

Elise Lohmann is a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. She is an Alumna of FRC team 2175-The Fighting Calculators. In her spare time she enjoys running, exploring lakes, and eating ice cream. She can be contacted at lohma043@umn.edu

Katie Riedel - Director of Operations

Katie Riedel is a sophmore in the College of Science and Engineering with plans to major in Industrial and Systems Engineering. She has been involved in FIRST since freshman year of high school and graduated as an alumna of FTC 8686 Height Differential. She is very excited to utilize her passion for FIRST by giving back to the programs through her involvement in GOFIRST Robotics. She may be contacted at riede133@umn.edu.

Ryan Zoeller - Director of Finance

Ryan Zoeller is a senior majoring in computer science and mathematics. He is an alumnus and mentor of FIRST FRC team 2169, KING TeC, where he first got involved with robotics. He is the treasurer for GOFIRST, although it is not known how he came to hold this position of power or why anyone would trust him with money. He spends his free time enjoying craft beer and making fun of Brad. He can be contacted at zoell031@umn.edu.

Peter Irvine - Director of Engineering

Peter Irvine is a senior in the College of Science and Engineering with a double major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He is an alumnus of 2175 where he was the Driver. He likes to build robots, websites, and hack things. He also enjoys mentoring 2175 and volunteering as an FTA for FTC. When Peter isn't studying or building robots he likes to Cross Country Ski and Rock Climb. He can be reached at irvin124@umn.edu

Laura Irvine - Director of Programs

She may be contacted via email at irvin140@umn.edu.

Brad Eisenschenk - Recruitment Officer

Brad Eisenchenk is a student in Electrical Engineering. In his spare time he enjoys building snowplows, fine wine and cheese. He can be contacted at eisen160@umn.edu.

Samira Sadat - Outreach Officer

Samira Sadat is a sophomore studying Computer Engineering. She has been involved with FIRST since high school, and is an alumnus of Team 4818 The Herd. She really enjoys giving back to the robotics community through volunteering as a game announcer and teaching kids how to code. In her free time, Samira enjoys exploring the city, trying new food, and reading political articles. She can be contacted at sadat003@umn.edu.

Christina Le - Marketing & PR Officer

Christina is a senior in the Computer Science program at the College of Science and Engineering at the U. As Marketing and PR Officer she makes the pretty graphics for things. She enjoys playing the video games and wielding the sharp toys. In her free time she can be seen launching her concerns into the void. She can be reached at lexxx568@umn.edu.