About Us

GOFIRST Robotics is a student organization at the University of Minnesota. Created September 2009, GOFIRST Robotics supports the FIRST Robotics program in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. The organization mentors teams, volunteers at regional events, and facilitates workshops for students in Minnesota. GOFIRST Robotics volunteers at many FIRST events, including regionals within and outside Minnesota, as well as the FIRST Championship event and numerous off-season events.

Through GOFIRST Robotics, University of Minnesota students are able to take skills learned in the classroom and apply them to real world projects, network with sponsors in the program, and develop teaching and communication skills. The leadership skills gained from mentoring, volunteering, and teaching are priceless for our students.

In addition to volunteering in the FIRST program, GOFIRST Robotics participates in several robotics competitions including VEX U, Autonomous Snowplow, and Robot in Three Days. Competitions are member driven, and give students the opportunity to apply skills gained in their coursework to concrete problems. More info about these competitions can be found under the Build menu.


GOFIRST Robotics officially became a student group on December 3rd, 2009 at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Originally consisting of six

students and four robotics teams, the organization has grown to include 30 members and 11 alumnus teams. GOFIRST Robotics presented the Chairmans, Scouting, and Team Spirit presentations at the December 5th, 2009 MN Splash event on the University of Minnesota campus. During the 2010 competition GOFIRST Robotics mentored teams 1675, 2500, 2175, and 3130. At the Minnesota Pre-Ship Regional members volunteered to inspect the robots to make sure teams would pass inspection at the competitions and put on a mini Chairmans Q&A session. Students attended and volunteered at the Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Midwest regionals volunteering as inspectors, field reset crew, volunteer coordinators, and with their individual FRC teams that attended the regionals.

In 2010 GOFIRST Robotics presented the Scouting, Strategy, Team Spirit, Pneumatics, Programming, Marketing Communications, and Other Awards presentations at the December 4th, 2010 MN Splash Event. GOFIRST Robotics members mentored teams 706, 1675, 1816, 2175, 2470, 2500, 2508, 2846, 3130, and 3524.

In 2011 GOFIRST Robotics organized the first annual Post Kick-off Collaborative Strategic Design Meeting (PoKo) and attended the 2011 St. Louis Championship conferences, participating in the 2011 FIRST Alumni conference.

In 2012 GOFIRST Robotics organized the first annual Mock Kick-off (MoKo) to help teams start planning out their season before Kick-off, and hosted the first annual Summer Robotics Summit. In addition, GOFIRST Robotics continued their volunteering and mentoring with FRC teams. They also continued their work and development of their own robots.

In 2013 GOFIRST Robotics delved into FLL outreach by hosting a non-qualifying tournament in partnership with High Tech Kids on February 23rd. GOFIRST Robotics also continued participating in competitive robotics by attending the AUVSI IGVC competition in Rochester, Michigan.


Interested in who is leading GOFIRST Robotics? Check out our Directors Page.